All mirror mounts are available as non-magnetic mounts and for vacuum applications down to 10-8 mbar

5-axis XYZ Tip-Tilt Mount


                                                                   Antares              Antares-O                 Antares-DD

                                                    Asteroid                                             Planet                                            Star                          

                       Planet with rectangular frame             Star with rectangular fame                                               custom-made
                                 PiezoStar                              PiezoStar                               Linear Translation Stage


Order Nomenclature


SR, PL etc.:          Star series, Planet series

SR 050, SR100:   Star series, designed for mirrors with 0,5", 1” diameter etc.

C:                          closed back plate,without any index -> open back plate

-HS:                      high stable or, without any index for standard

150:                      front plate for 1.50 inch diameter (designations for 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, and up to 6.00 inch dia. mirrors)
L/R:                       left or right handed frontplate
C:                          closed frontplate, no transmission possible

-2 or -3 :                number of screws
S:                          screw of stainless steel or, without any index, of bras


SR100C-HS-200-3S-YE:                 StaR100 mirror mount with Closed back plate, High Stable,

                                                        2.00 inch front plate, 3 screws of Stainless steel, YEllow